Yet Another Day With Another Heart-Wrenching Incident.


Almost every successive day we come to witness many agonizing events. The past few years are replete with the devastating endings of many tiny young flowers which got plucked and smashed before they could grow into more beautiful and mature flowers and spread their scent all around. Zainab, Marwah, Ayesha, Kainat, Asma, Noor, and the list goes on and on. Daily eight women get heinously killed in Pakistan. This is no joke; all these harassments, gang rapes, murders are a serious threat not just for the women but also for our country. There are many cases of torturous endings on daily basis especially in the rural areas with no serious actions taken upon them, therefore, now it has become a norm for them. People, instead of learning from others’ bad doings, are also doing the same as nobody is going to punish them and the police would just file a case on ‘unknown people’ which would linger on for an unlimited period. It is so awful that the culprits are free to live their lives while the families of the victims are drowned in shame for something they weren’t even capable of stopping. It’s the bitter truth of our society that we respect and prevail the rich and powerful but blame and suppress the poor and weak. We all are fully aware of the dreadful incidents happening frequently with a long list of lives gone and even a longer list of rapists and murderers who are either not found yet or are not punished while having all the shreds of evidence against them. The same miserable incident happened with a 27 years old girl Noor Muqaddam, daughter of a former diplomat. They got brutally murdered by the man she was madly in love with Zahir Jaffer, son of a well-known businessman. Zahir while belonging to one of the most affluent families of Pakistan and having a very close relationship with Noor still ended her life in one of the most horrible and terrific ways that one cannot even imagine. Their families were very close to each other, they had also spent many years of their lives together sharing a bond that lead them to plan their marriage. But the unfortunate girl had to go through a devastating end-up. People accused Zahir of his heinous actions, but there were many also blaming the girl for having a loving relationship with a man who was known to everyone as a severe drug addict, abuser, rapist, and mentally sick person. He had a dreadful past. He got deported from the UK for torturing and raping a girl. He also shamelessly tortured his mother. But even then the victim had spent years with him and was still with him during her last three days. Everything was normal between them during the last three days at the end of which the incident happened.  But in the last hours, something mysterious happened that lead him to torture her. After which he first raped her, shot her with his gun, then choked her. Furthermore, he cut her throat, then beheaded her, and also kicked her head away from her body. All of this and also what was told about him by the friends, therapy workers, and all the rest with whom he came into contact during the incidental days, shows that he is a big psychopath and lunatic. It is more shameful that his family being fully aware of him and also knowing that he was soliciting Noor didn’t take any action. It has been a couple of months since the incident happened yet disappointingly the accused is still not punished while having all the evidence against him. This whole incident takes me back to the basics of our learning sessions when our parents used to put limitations on us; the time we went out, the places we used to go, the time we came home, the people we used to be with, our screen time and every other extreme thing that to their knowledge was anyway harmful to us. They always taught us what a cruel place the world was by protecting us which we thought to be overpowering our private space. Our families are always aware of our shortcomings, that we being in our indulgence somehow miss out. I am not justifying the pathetic culprit. He should be scrutinized so miserably in front of the whole nation that every other soul gets trembled before even trying to think bad for anyone. But in some way the victim got punished for her blind trust in somebody whom she couldn’t realize was a psychotic man. She gave her a place higher than even her family and ended up giving him her life. In her last days, she was completely in contact with Zahir but didn’t have any contact with her family even not when her parents contacted her. Her parents didn’t even know her whereabouts, they thought she was in Lahore with her friends, but the truth was poles apart from their knowledge. The ultimate reality is that no one in this whole wide world can love us more than our own family. Therefore, we should never put them down just to make nobody feel like a hero. This is the only mistake made by her that took away many smiles. She was destined to die that, at that time, in that unfortunate house but one thing could have been a little different and that would have been her stance in not being there for days by her own will, enjoying. May any such thing never happen again and all the seedlings blossom into flowers, mesmerizing the whole world with the talents bestowed upon them by the Maker of mankind.

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