World Maritime Day


World Maritime Day (WMD) is an annual celebration founded by the United Nations (UN) in collaboration with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) which rejoices the contribution that the maritime industry makes towards the world’s overall economy. Every year it is celebrated to highlight the contributions of the International Maritime Industry in the world’s economy and to emphasis on the importance of shipping safety, maritime security and the marine environment. Maritime industry is important, because without the international transportation of goods, world’s economy would be unable to function. WMD was first held on March 17th, 1978 to mark the 20th anniversary of the IMOs entry into force in 1958. The IMO has expanded from the original 21 member countries to 167 and it now all major nations who are involved in the maritime industry are part of it. Every member state celebrates this day in their own way. The theme of WMD 2021 is chose by International Maritime Organization, which will be “Seafarers: At the Core of Shipping’s Future”. The major focus of this is to upsurge awareness of the invaluable work that seafarers do to keep the worldwide economy afloat. On account of COVID-19 Pandemic, which has presented many challenges to seafarers, this year, recognition is more deserved than ever before. World Maritime Day 2021 will aim to shine a light on the issues which are still afflicting many seafarers across the globe. Secretary General Antonio Guterres messaged on this day as “I renew my appeal to Governments to address their plight by formally designating seafarers and other marine personnel as “key workers”, ensuring safe crew changes, implementing established protocols, and allowing stranded seafarers to be repatriated and others to join ships.” Similarly, on this important day, Pakistan’s Chief of Naval Staff said, “we pledge to make concerted efforts for the sustainable development of the maritime sector in Pakistan while addressing the associated challenges. In this regard, I look forward to a profound and cumulative response by all stakeholders.

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