World Cup 2019 similar to 1992 for Pakistan


When the Pakistan cricket team’s World Cup 2019 slogan ‘We have, we will’ was launched, the idea was to say that Pakistan has won the World Cup in the past and will do it again. It seems Pakistan are trying to do it in the same manner in 2019 as they did in 1992. So far, Pakistan’s track and situation in the tournament is not much different from what it was 27 years ago. Believe it or not, the results of the first six games in the World Cup 2019 are the same as Pakistan’s results in the first six games of the 1992 tournament. Pakistan lost to West Indies in the opening game on both occasions before winning its second, and the third game being washed out, both in 1992 and in 2019. Just like 1992, Pakistan lost its fourth and fifth games of the World Cup 2019 as well before winning the sixth—again on both occasions. Making it even more interesting, Pakistan’s players of the match on both occasions was SohailAamir in 1992 and Haris in 2019. In 1992, Pakistan was banking on Australia beating West Indies to stay in contention. And once again, Pakistan wants Australia to win, this time against England. The list of coincidences has another interesting fact: New Zealand were unbeaten in 1992 World Cup before they met Pakistan.

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