World Bank extends economic assistance for educational improvement in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, World Bank will extend the support of $9 million to the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training to give hygiene kits and Covid related equipments to the schools across the country.

It was agreed during a meeting held here between the Federal Minister for Education, Professional Training & Culture Shafqat Mehmood and the Country Director World Bank Najy Benhassine to discuss the ongoing projects and the future strategy.

The ministry in collaboration with the World Bank had launched initiatives of Rapid Response Emergency Program ( RREP) and Pandemic Response Emergency Program (PREP) and started Tele School Tv channel and Radio school projects to ensure the continuation of learning as a response to Covid-19 pandemic.

The ministry along with ed-tech partners and in collaboration with UNICEF will also upgrade the digital contents and start a teachers training program on a large scale with the help of technology.

World Bank is also providing grant of $ 250 million to the ministry for the project” Action to Strengthen Performance for inclusive & Responsive Education Program” (ASPIRE) and the ministry would provide 80 percent of the grant to the provinces.

This program will help the country to address schools disruptions due to Covid-19 by accelerating virtual and distance learning opportunities for out of school children particularly among disadvantaged countries.

It helps strengthen coordination among federal and provincial authorities to generate new investments in traditional and alternative education programmes to accelerate recovery.

World Bank also vowed to provide further assistance to the ministry to work for the girl’s education.

Country Director World Bank has expressed his satisfaction over the implementation of ongoing projects by Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. 

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