Won’t give NRO to corrupts: PM Imran

Govt providing best medical facilities to Nawaz: PM Imran


Prime Minister Imran Khan has regretted the purpose of protest March is to create hindrance in the implementation of government’s policies which have started delivering positive results.
Addressing a ceremony in connection with the groundbreaking of Baba Guru Nanak University in Nankana Sahib on Monday, he said the organizers of March are scared of the successes of the government on the economic front.
Prime Minister Imran recalled that he had earlier said that a time would come when the all the “corrupt elements” of Pakistan would come together.
“What is the purpose of the Azadi March, their purpose is not that the government is failing, they are scared that the government is succeeding.
“Have you ever heard this, ‘Azadi March is coming to seek the prime minister’s resignation’,” he said, questioning why they wanted his resignation in the first place.
“I want to give all of the opposition a message: whether you all come together and stage this march or you want to use any other method of blackmail until I am alive, you will not get a National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).”
The premier said he could not give a guarantee about anyone’s life, referring to the Islamabad High Court proceedings last week in which the bench had asked government representatives to “take responsibility” for incarcerated former premier Nawaz Sharif’s health.
Prime Minister Imran, said: “Today I read a news that the court has asked the federal and provincial governments whether they can guarantee Nawaz Sharif’s life by tomorrow.
“I cannot even guarantee my life by tomorrow, so how can I give a guarantee for someone else’s life?”
The Prime Minister said that life and death are in God’s hands and humans can only try. “The federal government, especially the provincial government, has fully tried. We provided the best medical care to Nawaz Sharif,” he said, adding that a doctor had been brought from Karachi and he had also sent the chief executive of Shaukat Khanum Hospital to check on Nawaz’s health.
“We can only try. Humans cannot give a guarantee of life and death. We can try and we fully tried,” he reiterated.
The Prime Minister said the first year was difficult for the PTI government but now the country is rapidly moving forward as a result of our policies.
He said that world institutions such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank are acknowledging the reforms agenda of the government and the economic stability achieved by the country.
He said our efforts for ease of doing business have also been acknowledged by the World Bank which has put Pakistan the top performer in the sub-continent and on the sixth position in the world.
He said the world is now expressing interest to invest in Pakistan due to steps taken by the government for ease of doing business.
The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction that the traders have agreed to the fixed tax and talks on the matter are being held with them. The Prime Minister said the inflation rate in the first year of PTI government was less than when compared with the first years of both Pakistan People’s party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) regimes.
He said the State of Madina was the most successful model as its foundation was laid amongst others on the principle of rule of law. He said we will also ensure rule of law and equal applicability of law for all irrespective of their stature in the society.
Turning to the uplift of the education sector, the Prime Minister assured to provide maximum resources for promotion of education. He said the government has decided to construct educational institutions on the land of Auqaf. We will make Pakistan a knowledge economy.
The Prime Minister appreciated the step of laying the foundation stone of Baba Guru Nanak University on the occasion of 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak saying it is the best honor to him.
Highlighting the significance of Kartarpur for Sikh Community, the Prime Minister said the Kartarpur corridor should remain open regardless of the worsening tension with neighboring India. He said we will give passage to the Sikh community to visit their sacred places.
Imran Khan also expressed the commitment to mainstream the religious seminaries and equip their students with the contemporary education.
Abhorring the class based education system, he said a single uniform system and curricula will be introduced to promote harmony and unity in the country.

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