Women empowerment


There are books, poems, and stories that contain pages echoing the violence and discrimination that women have been facing as old as patriarchy. Since history, it has rooted unjustly within cultures – within households. Societal and economic exclusions had stripped off the women denying them access to mobility and a sense of independence. The fear instilled in women when the word ‘sexual assault’ is acquainted with has been growing the seed of insecurity. It was written somewhere: the rape of a woman is the rape of Mother Nature. Even mother nature stands by them. There are stories heard from women who suffer domestic violence from their husbands, yet wake up in the morning to secure their homes for their children. In the face of the historic monstrosity of being detained, the adversities, and negligence, the women have stood steadfast – in building homes, lives, and communities.

Today, let them celebrate women. Let them talk about how women have lifted themselves up after years of tyranny. One step after the other, women have established unshakeable grounds so the women after them do not reflect back contemplating where they lost their voices. Just like they stand today ensuring that the sacrifices and struggles of the women before them do not go to waste, like a mother and a daughter. The goal is not to ponder upon the past but to pay heed to the future necessities in helping build communities. When you move beyond prejudice, you shall witness the resilience embedded in women. The nurturing nature they possess rejuvenates hope to build back together. They have learned and regrown from the stories they hear from their ancestors. Knowing that they have homes to build and families to hold together, women have begun to contribute socially, economically, and politically.  The intensity of women to uphold endurance speaks for itself.


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