Why Dina Asher-Smith is so good at the 200m…? 



In every race Dina Asher-Smith has won at international level, it is notable how quickly she gains a lead over her rivals. Indeed, she has spoken in the past about knowing whether she will win within a few strides of the gun. The main reason for that is her ability to generate power in such a short time period right from the outset. “You’re at 50 percent of maximum speed in two steps,” Toni Minichiello, Jessica Ennis-Hill’s former coach, explains. “Her ability to hit the ground and run off it is sensational. By the time she comes out on her second step, my word she’s moving. You can obviously learn blocks technique and it can be trained and enhanced through strength training and practice, but the one thing you need is the right genetics. She has that and the power that comes with it.”

The drive phase in a 200 metre race comes on a bend, so athletes must cope with reaching their top speed while negotiating running on a curve. Asher-Smith has no problem getting up to speed – her 60m split during the world 100m final on Sunday was timed at faster than the indoor 60m world record – and she also makes light work of being on a bend. “She’s a very balanced runner and that helps her on the bend, where her centre of gravity means she can cope with the centrifugal force,” Minichiello says.  — VoM

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