What We Are Wearing Today: Shilwar

Shilwar products are available at Crate, and Homegrown Market


Shilwar is a unisex fashion brand founded by two Saudi friends that aims to copy vintage pieces but with a nod to modern trends and designs.
The name Shilwar is derived from the traditional costume of Persian culture identified by light, loose, pleated trousers that usually taper to a tight fit around the ankles. They were commonly made from heavy fabrics and worn by men.
However, collections, including distinctive calligraphic designs, now incorporate light fabrics that give the pants a more feminine look, and for wearers of the hijab there are pieces that combine modesty and classic, fashionable and elegant for casual wear.
Each item has been produced with its own background story and the brand even has its own his and hers R&D Shilwar designs with their black contrasting color, and white and black detailed strips on the side, ideal for wearing with a tight top.
Shilwar products are available at Crate, and Homegrown Market.

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