What We Are Eating Today: Pita Pack


Pita Pack is a Saudi sandwich shop with a diverse international menu. From traditional proteins to fresh salads, Pita Pack offers the experience of a quick bite that is both wholesome and familiar, which you can enjoy alone or with friends.

The recipes are inspired by a fusion of western culture and Arabian flavors.

The shop has a lively approach to naming its orders — deploying pop-culture puns, energetic language and casual vocabulary.

The sandwiches are made with fresh, light, medium-size pita buns, tortillas and brioche bread.

In addition to the more than 30 options on the menu, including vegan, seafood, beef and chicken, their tender American Philly cheesesteak sandwich is one of the best.

If you were thinking of offering your friends in the office or your family a brunch or dinner on the go, the shop offers “Pita box,” a family-size option that includes an array of 20 different sandwiches of your choice.

Each order has its special sauce to complement the ingredients used. The restaurant also offers a selection of internationally inspired appetizers and salads.

It is located in Jeddah, Hilmi Kutbi Street, Al-Zahra district.

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