War crimes by Israel


The recent Israeli attack on Palestinians called ‘Operation Guardians of the Wall’ is another example of utter desecration of international law that qualifies to war crimes. As an occupying force, Israel has been breaking international regulations by forcefully abandoning the genuine Arab owners from their homes in the Shiekh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The United Nations in a report revealed that six hospitals, nine healthcare centres and a water purification plant were smashed during the fighting. In Israeli air attacks, several high-rise buildings in Gaza City including the al-Jalaa building that housed several media organisations were also collapsed. The skyline of the metropolis, which is home to nearly 600,000 people has been significantly transformed since May 10 when hostilities intensified. Along with at least 2,000 housing units demolished and more than 15,000 other units damaged, Gaza’s already run-down infrastructure was also badly hit. While addressing the United Nations Human Rights Council last week, the UN human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, stated that they have not seen evidence to support Israel’s claims that the buildings they bombed in Gaza were hosting armed groups or being used for military purposes. Even before the latest outbreak of violence, the International Criminal Court (ICC) had opened an investigation into preceding attacks of the continuing conflict, and last month the ICC’s chief prosecutor said, she was thoroughly monitoring what was happening on the ground. Children are the most pretentious victims in the conflict zones. Around 66 kids lost their life as Israel started to rain down the lethal weapons on the overcrowded communes in the city. Numerous videos appeared on social media platforms displaying children so scared that they were not able to sleep all night. According to international law, Killing children in war is a Willful killing and a grave breach of Article 17. It qualifies for war crimes under the decrees of the International Criminal Court at The Hague. Nothing is hidden. Everything is so much unveiled. The real thig is to take action and let it done.

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