Vowing humanitarian support, Pak relief for Sudanese brethren handed over


2nd part of Pak relief assistance for Sudanese brethren handed over today to Hon Governor Red Sea HE Shanghai & senior Sudanese officials by Pak Amb Sarfraz Sipra and Cdre Shafquat at a ceremony in front of PNS NASR at Port Sudan.

Hon Governor, provincial humanitarian minister & senior civil & navy officials conveyed thanks to the people & Govt. of Pakistan for this affection. Sudanese side was briefed on NASR’s 17500 KMs long Humanitarian Mission and 17 months long brutal humanitarian siege of Kashmiris by India.

Talking to media, Hon Governor thanked Pakistan for unwavering support to Sudan in all times including freedom struggle & said that Sudan shall support Pakistan where needed. Amb Sipra assured for future support & informed that 3rd part of the humanitarian gift is due shortly.


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