Voluntary vote of confidence by Premier Imran Khan


After the general elections of 2018, Pakistan and Pakistanis has witnessed a change in the county with more passion and hopes for the future. They did put their trust in PTI for changing the orthodox practices in politics of Pakistan which previously derailed the political horizons of the country. There can be different opinions about how the incumbent Government delivered or delivering but one thing is very much evident that eradication of corruption and horse-trading are the most demanding and pertinent acts. Such acts and practices need support from the opposition benches as well. Unfortunately the political regime of Pakistan is very awry. The recent senate election is the example of how things get settled for vested interests. However PM Imran khan soon after the announcement of the results of senate elections addressed the Nation and showed his intentions to continue with his vision of defeating corruption. He also announced to seek a voluntary vote of confidence from National Assembly of Pakistan. The promise was fulfilled and eventually premier Imran Khan attained 178 votes which were more than the required votes. The session of the National Assembly was summoned by President Arif Alvi. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi tabled the resolution and then voting has started. Imran Khan is the 2nd PM in the history of Pakistan who voluntary presented himself for seeking vote of confidence from National Assembly. Before this Nawaz shareef presented himself for the same purpose back in 1993. Soon after getting the vote of confidence PM Imran Khan thanked the lawmakers, MNA’s and all those who trusted him and put their confidence in him. He also highlighted the malpractices in senate election and urged Election Commission to get a briefing from security agencies to further probe the matter. On the other hand Pakistan Democratic Alliance did not participate in the session and some unfortunate scenes and incidents happened outside Parliament. It would have been more appropriate if PDM has participated in the session to register their presence and grievances instead of adapting the old practices which already besmirched the polity in the country.

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