US-Russia Contemporary Relations


Recently Russia said that it would recall its ambassador to the United States for consultations. The shows the recent mounting tensions between Moscow and Washington. The move to recall the Russian ambassador to Moscow was announced shortly after US President Joe Biden accused his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin of being a “killer”, and warned he would “pay a price” for the alleged election. These comments by Biden came after a US intelligence report which linked Putin to influence operations aimed at helping Donald Trump in last November’s presidential election. On the other hand, Russia denied the longstanding allegations of meddling as baseless. The Russian embassy in Washington said in a statement revealed about the decisions taken after Biden’s statement. This is not the first time that the relations between both countries are witnessing tensions. There are also historical perspectives of relations between both. Russian Foreign Ministry responded that the main thing for us is to determine the ways in which the difficult Russian-American relations that Washington has led into a dead-end in recent years could be rectified. In a recent interview, Biden said that “you’ll see shortly” when asked what consequences Russia would face for its alleged behavior. The tensions between the US and Russia can be seen mounted in the near past and now they entered a new phase after Biden became the president.  US Commerce Department has also tightened sanctions on some exports to Russia as punishment for Navalny’s alleged poisoning in August of last year. The department said the move would toughen restrictions originally put in place in response to the March 2018 poisoning of former Russian military officer intelligence Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, England, with a military-grade nerve agent. On the other hand, Moscow has denied any role in either case. One has to wait and see the repercussions of Biden’s statement and consequently the move announced by the Incumbent Russian Government.

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