US must continue Afghanistan peace process


White House announced to review the deal with the Taliban vis-a-vis the Afghanistan peace process. The statement from the White House rang alarm bells across the circles of key stakeholders and proponents of the deal carried out at the beginning of the previous year. The Afghan government welcomed the fresh announcements whilst the Taliban vows to continue the deal deliberations. Pakistan on the other hand reiterated its stance of continuity of the Afghan peace process and also envisioned maximum support to bring peace in the region. There has been a remarkable difference between Biden’s and Trump’s administrative policies. The newly elected president sought to juncture the pitfalls fallout of the Trump era and in this reference, it has already rescinded various decisions- US rejoined the Paris climate change treaty and world Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore, the ban on Muslim immigrants is also lifted while the construction of the Wall alongside Mexico is also lifted. The certain moves already gave a notable impression of the forthcoming US foreign policy endeavors of restoring the US influence in global affairs through its considerable engagement in geopolitical affairs. Despite Trump’s unprecedented diplomatic failures, one of fewer accomplishments that are credited is a successful deal in the protracted Afghan crisis. This triumph earned massive applause all around the globe because of its higher intensity and ferocity of influencing the contours of the geopolitical arena at the regional and global levels. Biden administration must continue with the defined precedent of US policy towards the region. If Biden reverses the deal it would bring another mounting challenge that will bring the US regional security architecture to the knees due to further intensification of the quagmire. The US might plugin with enduring crisis vis-a-vis Afghanistan policy and it will jolt its economy that is already suffering from the crisis posed by the pandemic.

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