UNSC Resolution on Ukraine


The UN Security Council voted on a draft resolution deciding to convene an emergency special session of the General Assembly to recommend collective action on the situation in Ukraine, two days after a similar resolution, sponsored by 81 nations, was shot down at the council on Friday by the Russian veto. Possible action could include the use of armed force, but this has never happened in the history of the UN. This is the first time in 40 years that a decision to hold an emergency special session of the 193-member GA has been made, and only the 11th time since the UN’s inception. The draft resolution was tabled by the US and Albania, the two co-penholders in Ukraine. It is a so-called “Uniting for Peace” resolution, which allows a deadlocked council to refer the situation in question to the General Assembly. The vote would require a two-thirds majority of UN member states and the affirmative vote of only nine Security Council members. Such GA resolutions have then historically been adopted despite a negative vote by a permanent member. The resolution argues that the lack of unanimity among the Security Council’s permanent members on the Ukraine crisis has prevented the UN’s most important body from exercising its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. A total of 11 council members voted in favor, with China, UAE and India abstaining. Russia vetoed it. Western-led political, strategic, economic, and corporate sanctions were unprecedented in their extent and coordination, and there were further pledges of military support for Ukraine’s badly outgunned armed forces.

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