UNEA Bureau vice Presidency


United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) Bureau recently elected Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change to represent Pakistan on the global forum and serve as vice president of the Bureau.  Indeed it is a great achievement and honor for Pakistan for having been elected as a member of the UNEA body as vice president to lead the global efforts towards goals of making the world climate-resilient and environmentally-sustainable place through global climate action. This is the first time in history that Pakistan has been elected to this global policy-making forum. The UNEA’s ministerial Bureau consists of 10 members (one President, eight Vice-Presidents and one Rapporteur) from among its members, with two members representing each region, who work in various global and regional fora on the environment. The president, the vice-presidents, and the rapporteur hold office for two years. They shall commence their terms of office at the closure of the session at which they are elected and remain in office until the closure of the next regular session. The Bureau’s overarching mandate is to “assist the President in the general conduct of the business of the UNEA”. Its periodic meetings provide the Secretariat of the United Nations Environment Programme’s governing bodies and stakeholders with guidance in the preparations for the next session of the UNEA.  Pakistan’s election to the UNEA Bureau is a clear indication that the world community is appreciative of the government’s globally-acclaimed green programs, particularly the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme, being implemented as a part of the efforts for global climate action for environmental sustainability. Hosted by the UN Environment Programme, the UNEA brings together representatives of the 193 Member States of the UN, businesses, civil society, and other stakeholders to agree on policies to address the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

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