Under CPEC, China added over $25 billion in FDI to Pakistan

Purpose of the BRI is to advance China’s cooperation with partner countries


BEIJING, China has added over $25 billion in FDI to Pakistan and created more than 70,000 direct job positions locally under CPEC
This was stated here by Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry at a news briefing. This is purely a smear against China and BRI partner countries.

He categorically stated that the founding purpose of the BRI is to advance China’s cooperation with partner countries following the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, to help them develop the economy and shake off poverty, which is a human right they need more than any other.

He said, the right to subsistence and development is the primary basic human rights. We can trace the roots of many of the problems, conflicts and crises in our world today to inadequate and unbalanced development.

The spokesperson rejected a recent foreign commentary claims that some countries along the route of the BRI choose to stay silent on China’s human rights issues to secure investment and infrastructure projects.

It was accused China of pursuing trade interests while disregarding values including human rights.

He said in pursuing international cooperation to fight COVID-19 including through vaccination, China has provided much-needed assistance to BRI countries and made significant contributions to protecting local people’s right to life and health.

” As a matter of fact, the broad consensus of the vast majority of countries is that China, through BRI cooperation with various countries, has contributed its solutions and wisdom to global development and the human rights cause.

What BRI has brought to partner countries is mutually-beneficial cooperation and development opportunities.

China stands ready to work with cooperative partners to turn the BRI into a road of cooperation, health, growth and recovery, contribute greater strength into the global fight against the pandemic, and facilitate economic recovery and growth.”

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