UNAMA Resolution


A sign of relief for Afghans as The Security Council decided to extend the mandate of the UN special political mission in Afghanistan for one year, shifting its priority tasks to better align with the evolving reality on the ground. The resolution was adopted by a vote of 14 in favor of none against one abstention Russia. It empowers UNAMA to serve as an advocate for people across the country and focuses on the promotion of inclusive, responsive, and participatory governance that serves the needs of all Afghans. This legitimation focuses on several key activities, including coordinating the provision of humanitarian assistance and the delivery of basic human needs; providing outreach and good offices for dialogue between Afghan stakeholders and the international community; and promoting good governance and the rule of law. Critically, the new mandate ensures that UNAMA can continue its vital work in support of women’s and girls’ empowerment and their full, equal and meaningful engagement in all stages of decision-making.  It also ensures that UNAMA will continue to address the humanitarian emergency and the widespread economic crisisFurthermore, it also includes promoting human rights, supporting and promoting gender equality, and monitoring, reporting, and advocating with regard to the situation for civilians. This development may assist for economic recovery that is the most urgent task and should be pursued by UNAMA and it will also somehow “Afghan assets belong to the Afghan people”.  Meanwhile, the global community should adhere to Afghan-led and Afghan-owned principles to help establish an open and inclusive governance structure, combat terrorism in all its forms and restore economic development.

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