Ukraine Conflict Intensification


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created an international crisis, aggravating the ongoing tussle between big powers to a renewed cold war. NATO is exercising strategic restraint and avoiding direct confrontation with Russia. The US and major European countries have adopted a gradual approach while applying sanctions, hoping Russia would soon end its hostility against Ukraine. For Pakistan, the choice between Russia and the West would be like walking on a tight rope. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow was the right decision as it established that Islamabad had adopted an independent route to conduct its foreign relations with the major powers. Moreover, this time India, China and even the United Arab Emirates exercised neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Pakistan believes that Russia and Ukraine should resolve their disputes through dialogue and peaceful means. Russia invaded Ukraine for the sake of protecting its national interests. It seems that the Russian government will not come under pressure from the United Nations or the United States and its allies until and unless it achieves its objectives in Ukraine. The Russian forces are targeting the army installations in Ukraine and it is the main point of concern for the world powers. The NATO forces are waiting for an appropriate time to respond to the Russian invasion. Now in the current scenario, the world seems to be divided into two major blocks. Russia and its allies are on one side whereas the west, the United States, and its allies are on the other side.

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