Ukraine Conflict


The global world witness yet another catastrophe as the simmering Ukraine crisis strides further in the aftermaths of the Russian force’s military assault on neighboring Ukraine, crossing its borders and bombing military targets near big cities. In a statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia did not plan to occupy Ukraine and demanded that its military lay down its arms. Putin also warned that any outside power intervening on Ukraine’s behalf would face an “instant” response. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced martial law across all of Ukraine, severed all diplomatic relations with Russia. US President Joe Biden said the world would hold Russia accountable. He is expected to address Americans on Thursday about the consequences Russia will face. France’s President Emmanuel Macron said the attack would have “deep, lasting consequences for our lives”.  Pertinent to mention that since then more than 14,000 people have died in the east in a conflict between the rebels and Ukrainian forces. A shaky ceasefire had been held but there has been a surge in violations in recent days.  The UN Security Council also called for a ceasefire to avert the conflict intensification. The Russian invasion posed a heinous challenge as it may further outbreak the full-scale war between Russia and the rest of the western state under the umbrella of NATO.  Nevertheless, the war would hold multifaceted mayhem repercussions pertaining to the global security, and economy. The global actors must act and take radical measures at the earliest for the peaceful settlement of the conflict. Otherwise, it may lead to another protracted conflict deteriorating the global peace and security that is already being jolted by the shocks of the pandemic.

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