UAE families welcome work permits on sponsored visas


Dubai. The new work permit that allows men who are sponsored by a family member to work is being viewed as a game-changer.

Working class families, especially those with women working as teachers, nurses, doctors and other such professions, have particularly welcomed this move. While the General Directorate of Foreign Residency Affairs allowed women working in these jobs to sponsor their husband on dependent visas, the husbands weren’t allowed legally to work.

Many women who had jobs in these categories were living alone as sponsoring husbands who could not work was deemed as an additional financial burden.

The new rule, however, will allow such husbands to legally work and augment the family income.

“Latent talent pool”

Dr Jamil Ahmed, Founder and Managing Director Prime Health Care Group, said, “This move to have husbands on dependant visas to work is a master stroke from the UAE government. Many married women sponsor their husbands especially in the health sector such as nurses, lab technicians and doctors. The new rule allows these dependents to work and employers can tap into this latent talent pool. Many husbands with good qualifications who were on their wives’ dependant visa were unable to work. This new rule not only empowers families but also gives employers a chance to look within the UAE for new talent. This is cost effective, less time consuming and works towards happiness of families who can look forward to new economic stability to their homes.”

“Double the income”

Vandana Marwaha, Principal and Director of Delhi Private School (DPS), Sharjah, said, “I am so happy for my teachers, many of who were sponsoring their husbands. However, surviving on a teacher’s salary is not always the ideal way and many teachers left their jobs when their husbands lost their employment. Now this rule will help husbands to accompany their wives who land a teaching job, seek employment legally with their work permits. It will take the stress out of the life of a teacher whose husband is on a dependent visa. I have many in our school. It will mean great financial support for them and for us, it will go a long way in retaining our talented teachers and providing stability and consistency in the quality of education.”

“Contribute to the family kitty”

Dileep K, freelance media person, said, “I worked in a steady job for 18 years and for the last 10 years have been on my wife’s visa. She works for a leading national airline. While I am past my prime age to work, I feel this new rule will be able to help many other husbands who are sponsored by their wives to be able to contribute to the family kitty and have a more economically sound life. It will also help young undergraduates being sponsored by other family members who can earn a modest amount as a stipend and support themselves. This will make every adult in the family productive. Besides providing the government with an already available talent pool for jobs, it is also providing the families here a better spending power which will contribute towards strengthening the economy.”

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