TV channels warned against broadcast of negative, insulting material

PEMRA urges TV channels through various guidelines to abide by its rules and court orders.


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has taken stern notice of the broadcast of negative, insulting, and hateful material against state institutions, especially the judiciary and army during live coverage of programs, talk shows, and various public rallies and meetings on news and current affairs channels.

They were refrained from ridiculing the state institutions, especially the judiciary and armed forces, and to abide by PEMRA laws and court orders issued in this regard, said a press release on Monday.

It may be recalled that PEMRA has been urging the TV channels through various guidelines to abide by its rules and court orders.

However, it was observed that during the past few weeks, highly objectionable material has been aired against the national institutions which were tantamount to their insult.

PEMRA has once again strongly instructed all satellite TV channels to devise an effective delay system for airing their broadcasts, especially covering public meetings, rallies, and electronic media (advertising and programs) under the Code of Conduct 2015 and set up an impartial and independent editorial board.

The authority further warned the satellite channels to refrain from broadcasting any kind of offensive material on their platform against any state institution including the judiciary and the armed forces.

All the channels have been finally warned that in case of any intentional/unintentional error in this regard action would be taken under PEMRA Ordinance 2002 amended PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007 Section 27 which included the closure of the program or talk show without notice or Rs 1 million fine under clause 29, or suspension or cancellation of license and closure of transmission under clause 30.

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