Trump’s mediation offer & Indian approach


The Kashmir issue has three parties to the dispute Pakistan, India and the people of Jammu and Kashmir, and the United Nations which acted as a facilitator for the resolution of the dispute. Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory as its future has not been decided in accordance with the Independence Act 1947 and is the therefore unfinished business of the partition.

Kashmir is also a disputed territory in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions which clearly recognize Pakistan, India and the people of Jammu and Kashmir as the three parties to the dispute. Pakistan and the people of Jammu and Kashmir have always been ready for third party mediation by the United Nations Security Council, a statesman of high stature or any other body within the framework of the UN Charter.

Pakistan has openheartedly welcomed the mediation offer by the US President Donald Trump in the Kashmir dispute with India, but tragically and unfortunately India once again has shortsightedly rejected the offer. Therefore, as one of the most influential super power of the world the US must continue working on India, as an ally, to persuade it to come to the peace table and not seek the solution of the Kashmir dispute through military means.

This is new political space, a new opportunity for the people of South Asia, including Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore the political forces and civil society of India must step up to change the Indian government’s myopic approach. Both Simla Accord and the Lahore Accord accords do not impose any restrictions or limitations on ‘third party mediation’ or the involvement of the United Nations.

Indian aggressive policy in Indian Occupied Kashmir, however, it is a fact that there is no military solution to the Kashmir issue and India’s policy of state terrorism and oppression has completely failed to resolve the problems. This is not a time for war; this should be a time for diplomacy, for engagement and for negotiations to resolve the Kashmir dispute once and for all. This is a time for commitment to humanity and humanitarian diplomacy.

Moreover, India must realize that hearts and minds cannot be won by guns. India and revisit its policy of destruction and oppression in IOK and come to the negotiating table, whether it is bilateral, trilateral or multilateral.

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