Trump again offers meditation in Kashmir dispute


WASHINGTON: President of the United States Donald Trump has again offered to play a role of mediator between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir dispute.  At the White House, answering a reporter’s question about his previous comments related to mediating on Kashmir issue, Trump said,  if they wanted somebody to intervene or to help them and I spoke with Pakistan about that, and I spoke, frankly, to India about it.  But that’s been going on, that battle, for a long time.

It is pertinent to mention that India had rejected Trump’s offer and ruled out the mediation of any third-party on the issue. However, Pakistan has welcomed it. Referring to his meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan in Washington last week, the US president said, well, that’s up to its really up to Prime Minister Modi. And I met with Prime Minister Khan; I got along great with I think they’re a fantastic people, Khan and Modi. I mean, I would imagine they can get along very well, he said.

Trump added, if I can if they wanted me to, I would certainly intervene.  The US president had instigated political chaos in India by claiming during the meeting with PM Imran that Modi had asked him to mediate in the Kashmir dispute.  I will say that we have a very good relationship with India. I know that your relationship was strained a little bit maybe a lot, Trump had said. But we will be talking about India, it will be a big part of the conversation today. If I can help, I would love to be a mediator. If I can do anything to help, let me know, the US president had added.

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