Transparent Elections are Crucial for Pakistan


Since years particularly from the last decade, the political debate in the domestic political sphere of Pakistan is revolving around “Transparency versus Rigging” in the elections which has overshadowed the genuine problems of the common people of the country. The opposition political parties have been blaming the governments for rigging the elections rather than pressurizing the government to work for the welfare of the common people. This has become a common “mantra” in recent years. Thus, it is crucial to bring transparency in the electoral system in Pakistan, so the governments and the opposition forces in the parliament play their effective role for the betterment of the people and the country. This is notable and praiseworthy development that Prime Minister Imran Khan has told the cabinet that he wants to bring US-like electronic voting system in Pakistan. While discussing the significance of fairness and transparency in the elections, he said that it is crucial to hold transparent elections in the country. Moreover, Mr. Khan added that the government will introduce electoral reforms and Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) to ensure fair and transparent elections in the country, and the overseas Pakistani will also get voting rights in the coming general elections. In addition to it, Mr. Khan said, “A transparent voting system debunked the former US President Donald Trump’s allegations of electoral malpractice; just like in the US, Pakistan will also put in place the same system to ensure fair and transparent elections in the country”.

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