Transparency in senate elections


The incumbent government in Pakistan is all set to ensure transparency in upcoming senate elections. On the other hand the opposition parties are having reservations on Government’s stance to held elections via open ballot procedure since there is no such method mentioned in the constitution of Pakistan.  One can argue on method or stance of Government or opposition parties but there is no doubt about ensuring transparency in elections as it is the only way out.  Soon after the leak video scandal and horse-trading allegations, it becomes more pertinent to curb such doings and probe the matter. Instead of blame games, government and opposition parties should sit together and their purpose should be nothing else but transparency.  Parliament and senate are the platforms meant to give words to the feelings and issues of the General public.  People sitting in both avenues are custodians and therefore it is necessary for them to be truthful and trustworthy.   All political entities should think for the betterment of Pakistan and its people. Once we look around the world,  ensuring transparency is the main focus of countries that believes in democratic values. In order to implement an open ballot system, it is mandatory to amend the constitution which for now seems impossible.  The Supreme court of Pakistan also indicated that all stakeholders should ensure transparent senate elections by avoiding horse-trading.  Pakistan has suffered a lot since its inception. The country has defeated the menace of terrorism and moving forward with hope and faith to get what all is still unachieved. Once we cast our vote in favor of someone we actually choose our fate. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of that person to accomplish for which he has been selected. The citizens of Pakistan are well aware and they are keeping an eye on what all is happening around them and for sure they will scrutinize it well.

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