Towards a welfare state


Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated his mission to develop Pakistan as a welfare state on the pattern of the State of Madina. He expressed his commitment while addressing the Rehmatullil Alameen Conference on State of Madina and Concept of Islamic Welfare State in light of the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Islamabad on Sunday. He said as course of setting up Madina like state was tough and everyone, including the people and the religious scholars, would have to play their part for that. He urged the people to inculcate the habit of truth in their personalities, which he believed, gave the utmost strength. He also advised the people to live a life aimed at public service, not to achieve the personal gains.
In order to make Pakistan a welfare state on the principles of Madina the government and all other spheres of life will have to adopt the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) had enforced an education emergency in his state, which had later produced top scientists for next 700 years. The current education system did not teach the youth about the Islamic history and its golden past, so the government should introduce educational reforms to make the youngsters follow those role models. There is a need for research on those principles, which made the Muslims rule for around 1000 years. The State of Madina had built such a character of the Muslims, which had impressed the non-Muslims making them embrace Islam. All the great personalities, including the Holy Prophet (PBUH), His companions, great Sufi saints and even non-Muslim leaders like Nelson Mandela had lived their lives for the public cause that was why they were revered and remembered forever. Justice and merit had always been the core factors behind the success of the Islamic state where everyone was equal before the law. Madina State did not include only a few principles or rituals rather it encompassed all of human rights and freedom, be it were the minorities or women.

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