To be a Resilient Nation


Resilience is the ability of people, households, communities, and systems to mitigate, adapt, and recover from shocks and stresses in a way that reduces chronic vulnerability and facilitates inclusive growth. Today, in many parts of the world, either man-made or natural disasters such as, the ongoing pandemic, droughts, floods, health crises, terrorism, and price spikes etc. occur regularly causing loss of life and livelihoods and costing national and regional economies billions. While the world cannot prevent many of these shocks from happening, we as a nation can help to manage and mitigate their impact on people’s lives livelihoods and well-being. Doing so requires building resilience. Not only does it prepares us to manage through these crises, such as droughts, flood, epidemics or other health crisis within a household but also empowers us to build a sustainable future without compromising our current livelihood. History is evident that humans survived only due to their inherent characteristic of being resilient and built communities, which in turn thrived into civilizations. In current epoch, the nation-states and non-governmental actors devote their resources on building resilience by making long-term investments. The purpose of this activity is to expand and diversify economic opportunities, increase access to financial services, strengthen local capacity to sustainably manage natural resources and effectively manage and respond to shocks when they do occur. In the last few decades, Pakistani nation have suffered from numerous natural disasters like, earthquakes, floods, draughts, and locust attacks etc. that pushed the nation at the verge of collapse but its resilience abetted the losses and encouraged to rebuild more strong society. To minimize the socio-economic impact of such crisis, economically developed and technologically advanced countries focus on research, planning and development assisted through technology to not only abet the adverse impression of these crises but also avoid its recurrence. The country is on its path to economic stability and will emerge as a technologically advanced nation in near future but it is our responsibility to build resilience to surmount these unseen challenges.

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