The story of struggle by Pakistani women


Women in Pakistan now form a relatively greater part of Pakistan’s working population and their contribution to the country’s economy has ever since been increasing. However men still dominate all the higher posts in private and public offices, the trend is now changing as women are being encouraged by being awarded with promotions for their high quality of work. The mindset of the people in the rural class is also changing, there is greater awareness regarding the importance of education for both boys and girls and there has been an increase in the enrollment of lower income class girls in primary and secondary schools. Almost all of the women belonging to the middle class families have now started acquiring higher education. The trend of getting girls married as soon as they enter their 20s is slowly diminishing because today’s men only want to marry women who have acquired a substantial level of education.

Women in Pakistan also have a major role to play as housewives and mothers. They are the ones responsible for the upbringing of their children so they can prove themselves as better citizen and further a patriotic Pakistani. Since women have now become educated they can teach their children the values and etiquettes of life. Not only that, women could now teach their own children at home after they come back from school. Previously families had to spend excessive amounts of their income to send their children for tuitions because the mothers were not educated enough to guide their children academically but now with most mothers being educated they could sit with their children and help them with their homework.

Although there is greater acceptability for women in Pakistan’s society, they are still victims of discrimination. The gender stereotypes which have existed in the society for years still continue to be a barrier for women’s progress in the country but their struggle that had started with the passion to get a separate homeland now proceeding ahead with an enthusiasm to serve their country, their home and their family in order to protect the future if their children and most importantly of their motherland.

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