The story of Gaza


Israeli bombardment on innocent Palestinians and consequently killing of many is not merely something to discuss and give a statement on it.  It is time for the international community to address this crisis with greater morality while involving all key players and focusing on resolution. The abrupt rebirth of the Israel-Palestine encounter, and the subsequent repulsions, is a disgraceful reminder for the international community’s almost criminal negligence of the crisis. There have been no practical peace talks for more than a decade. Previously Donald Trump’s peace plan was merely one-sided story and it further strengthened the occupation of Israeli authorities. Efforts now under way for ensuring ceasefire, or what is called a workable calm, amount to applying a sticking plaster to an intensely sensed, long-festering wound. This story of inattention, strengthening injustices and discriminations stretching back to the 1948 Palestine war, made a new eruption of violence all but unavoidable. The events of the past week have reduced the outlook of a lasting settlement more distant than ever. The latest violence exploded on May 10, when Israel launched air raids on Gaza. The escalation shadowed weeks of mounting tensions in occupied East Jerusalem, with Israeli forces wounding hundreds of protesters in suppression at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. When Israel missed a Hamas deadline to remove its forces from the area, the group fired several rockets towards Jerusalem in a defensive move.

According to health authorities, At least 222 people have been martyred in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, including 63 children. Israeli raids on Gaza have seen numerous high-rise buildings targeted, including international media offices. Press freedom supporters have condemned the attack as an effort to quiet journalists. Israel has also destroyed the al-Jawhara and al-Shorouk office buildings in Gaza City, which housed more than a dozen international and local media outlets. There is a need to have a more solid and long-lasting solution to avoid future escalation between both sides.

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