The Palestine Dispute and Unity


It is difficult to convey the scale and effect of Israel’s abuses of Palestine lives through statistics alone, but these are horrifying enough. The world is well aware of what is happening with Palestinians. Atrocities are so obvious that there is no need to highlight as they are already presenting and showing question mark for the international community.

The Israeli Palestine conflict includes  several such confrontational issues that were never perceived as an issue by either side until they were deliberately inflated and brought to national significance. There is no way to resolve these issues by logical formula because the purpose of the issue is to prevent the resolution of the conflict. Essentially the real content of each such issue we will make peace only when the other side admits surrender and the issues are advanced because it is believed that the other side will never accept can never accept it.

 After going through the facts, the situation becomes very clear. Disunity among the  Arab world is one of the important aspects to consider. It was a saying about Jewish that “They are a nation without land” but today they are leading the economy of the world. Super power’s economy is also running because of the Jewish lobby. There is a need to come out of the vested interests so the real sufferers can be at ease. The unity among Arab Nations and Muslims is very imperative even the unity of the Palestinians matters. This is the only way to deal with the annexation plans by Israel. Israel may is the biggest hurdle in solving this issue but disunity is the main cause of this issue.


Israel’s aggression is increasing day by day. The world is silent but we need to take an initiative being Muslims. The only way to achieve the aim is to get united first and starts collective effort beyond self-interests and egoistic approach.      

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