The Media Network organized a consultative Session with Founding Directors and Advisory Committee

Media NetWork Consultive Session


Islamabad -The Media Network organized a consultative Session with Founding Directors and Advisory Committee.

The Co-Founders, Amna Malik and Masood Baig presided over the session while participants included Abdullah Mumtaz Kahloon, Aman Shah, Habib Piracha, Noman Tabani, Naseem Siddiqui, Saeed Soomro, Fareed Raees, Ajmal Jami, and Rehan Ahmed respectively.

In her opening remarks, President COPIR, Ms. Amma Malik extended her gratitude to all the Advisory Committee members and phrased their utmost commitment to the noble initiative. She also offered inclusive assistance, including her office venue, supporting staff about research associates for future collaborations, and discussed a series of initiatives and training for the year 2021.

Mr. Masood Baig briefed about the core objectives of the “Media Network Initiative,” which includes:

1: To arrange countrywide skill enhancement training (effective communication), workshops for media practitioners.

2: Devising mechanism for skill nourishment, personal grooming programs for the media students of the remote regions, in particular, the students of Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan

3:  Utility of platform for value-addition to the society by promoting real talent and also making leadership for the future through collective strength.

4: Act responsibly, behave responsibly to portray the real image of Pakistan.

He also discussed the planned activities:

1: Conducting Media Training Workshop in Islamabad Serena Hotel in February, and  Quetta  Serena Hotel in March.

2: Monthly Round Table Interactive session to discuss and evaluate the initiatives.

The members of the Advisory Committee also gave series of recommendations:

  • Create awareness among the media community regarding PEMRA ordinance, acts.
  • Promotion of media ethics & code of conduct.
  • Creation of intellectual discourse for research.
  • Refrainment from unethical & malpractices of spreading misinformation, fabricated data, notably, misusage of media platforms.
  • Initiate Digital media usage guidance.
  • Create public, private partnerships, consortiums, e: g bar councils, press clubs.
  • Promoting the role of the Editorial body, gatekeepers to bring content transparency.
  • Define patronage, umbrella, or shelter for influence maximization.
  • Adoption of Twofold strategy: Training & development, outcome.
  • Prospects of funds and resources management.

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