‘The Line’ reflects Saudi Arabia’s seriousness to diversify economy: Minister of Commerce

NEOM reflects the unprecedented radical transformation that the Kingdom is witnessing


Saudi Arabia’s keenness on undertaking a large project like The Line at this time, in addition to the follow-up by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, affirm the seriousness towards diversifying the economy and promote development, NEOM board member and Minister of Commerce and acting Minister of Media, Majid Al-Qasabi, told Al Arabiya.

The Line project aims to fulfill the transformative model for future cities, so that NEOM will become a global interface to attract a unique urban model across the world, Al-Qasabi added.

NEOM reflects the unprecedented radical transformation that the Kingdom is witnessing, as it is a new polarized and attractive platform across continents.

NEOM is a distinctive and innovative model, which will create opportunities in various fields, whether job opportunities, investments, or partnerships.

The minister asserted that taking advantage of these opportunities will put Saudi Arabia in the ranks of developed countries.

The project is considered an economic engine for the region, as NEOM will play a pivotal role in development, he highlighted, pointing out that the city will set a scale to measure future cities and determine the Kingdom’s image in general and Saudi citizen in particular.

Earlier this week, the Crown Prince unveiled The Line project within NEOM, a city of million residents, as its development will start during Q1 2021, according to data compiled by Argaam.

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