The fear of consequences can blemish your goals


Every human being on earth is different from other in many ways. The varied instinct of a human being compel him to think in his own way likewise the other matters as well such as the contemplation, behaviors and the most important phase of decision making. There are so many approaches about life. These approaches might be very pertinent in some of the segments of life but when it comes to few particular practicalities in life, they might not be as valuable as they have been for some other matters.
Things are changing as change is the biggest reality of life yet few of the things are still in a state of denial by the society or human behaviors. Why not to think beyond the stereotyped versions? Those who take things in their own way or they opt the way which might not be according to the existing trends within an environment are considered rebels. Such people don’t get the support and encouragement of the society even sometimes their families unleash them to do everything on their own. Is it a sort of punishment that one receives being a person who has his own perception about things and situations? Why we don’t just let them do whatever they want to? Is there any answer why we are so much confined about such things?
Social and moral values no doubt have an essential place and space in the society and everyone should be docile to these values. Fortunately these values don’t stop us to do experiments within a certain limit, yes we can’t change them but at least we can adjust our experimental instinct within them. You surely have heard about the differences with regards to every course of life between the east and west or should say between the developed and developing nations. It is rather a significant phenomenon that both have their own specialties. The ratio of progress and prosperity in one nation belongs to the developed group is surely high than the one belongs to the other group. There is no shame in accepting the reality but there is also no such restrictions to have a vision and thirst for development, basically the two most important factors for progression. There would be so many examples of successful people around the world who got success and fame only because they got a vision and a very different approach to get the things done beyond the conventional methodologies of the specific society. You can also be the one who could be emulating by the others one day.
The simple formula is to set specific goals in your life and then try different options to achieve those goals. There is no harm to choose the paths which were never chosen earlier. By choosing such paths one can learn how to deal with the adversities. Another thing that one needs to keep in mind is not to be scared on account of the consequences. You can’t win unless you try and in this process one can face the defeat at several stages. Such defeats are to make to more strong and clear about your vision. They use to elicit the positive energies in an individual which can accompany him to the roads ending to the land of success.
Positive thinking is the weapon which plays a leading role in the whole of the process. Negative minds can never bring success for you. A positive disposition stimulates positive thinking. Your environment and surroundings might not be very conducive to promote positivity but actually one has to develop this positivity within him. A writer can never compel you to read his novel unless his writings have something unique and positive in them where those the positive forces use to conquer all over the negative ones. The fear of defeat will certainly try to push you away from experimenting new things and from opting different options. Never get defeated by these fears rather try to defeat them with your matchless courage. The tumultuous surroundings would work all together to shake your self-esteem. The behaviors of people would be awry enough to deal with. Never get tempted by the temporary success and relaxations, you have to work for an ultimate success. The formula for this success is very evident; yes it’s just about exploration of new avenues with immense courage to face defeat at several stages which surely will lead you to success one day.

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