The Emerging China – Pakistan and Russia Strategic Alliance

China-Russia strategic ties also giving an ample opportunity to Pakistan's position and its role has tremendously enhanced Russian interest in China Pakistan's economic corridor


International politics is an interesting phenomenon due to its uncertain and continuously changing nature. Alliance and coalition form the core of international politics in which states pursuing the central strat of “safeguarding core national interest. Global politics in the twenty-first century – the “new global world order” has many rising, contenders capable to topple the old players. Countries with the most tantalizing geostrategic locations, economic strength, and military firepower will score the highest ranks in the complex international political arena. Pakistan’s relationship with the major powers or P-5’s has stuck between the United States and China. Many eggs were placed in a single basket. This gave a negative impact on Pakistani position to develop its foreign policy front openly. Among other countries, Pak-Russia relations remain hostile for a couple of decades making both countries shy of cooperating warm ties openly.

With changing geostrategic development and the formation of new alliances on the map of global politics Pakistan rekindles its ties with other countries. Pak-Russia bilateral bonhomie is the most notable development in both countries’ diplomatic ties. Convergence in bilateral interest both nuclear powers normalizing its shaky ties with unprecedented tone. Russia first time lift the Arms embargo on Pakistan in 2014. Later on, Russia sent its troops to Pakistan for long tactical exercises and thus a breakthrough came into being between the two states. Over the past couple of years both countries bilateral ties improved manifold. Pakistan deep interest in the Russian sophisticated military hardware and purchase of Mi-35 gunship helicopter by Pakistan. Apart from the defense sector, both countries are willing to expand their bilateral ties in other areas of interest. Both countries signed a gigantic energy agreement on a gas pipeline between Karachi and Lahore.

Russia’s tilts towards Pakistan were inevitable as the strategic imbalance between Moscow and New Delhi enhanced. . All these overtures and indentures became factual due to the Growing strategic nexus between India and United States. In the past Indo -Russia strategic nexus put Pakistan on the hostile side to play in the court of the United States and China. Indian keen interest in U.S weaponry and civil nuclear deal also detest Russian policymaker to find new markets for their advanced military hardware’s. Pakistan is the most lucrative option for Russia in this regard.

China-Russia strategic ties also giving an ample opportunity to Pakistan’s position and its role has tremendously enhanced Russian interest in China Pakistan’s economic corridor. It’s a multi-billion mega project which will West Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East with China. CPEC is an integral part of the larger belt and road China’s ambitious initiative to connect the rest of the world via land route and maritime silk routes. Not only does CPEC allows China to connect West Asia and the Middle East but it also decreases China’s dependency on the Strait of Malacca a narrow chock point of international trade and supply. China Pakistan economic corridor can connect emerging triple-axis physically. Russia’s desire to get access to warm waters is now proving a reality.

Russia’s Pivot towards China is at its peak. Both Powers share common animosity against the U.S which is the major irritant between Indo-Russia freezing relations. China is the leading client of the Russian arms industry as well both countries enjoy exemplary cooperation in economic, scientific, strategic, military fields. Triangle alliance among these three nuclear powers will have a deep impact on international power politics. Alliances and coalitions most often come with a heavy price. Pakistan should be more careful about any misgiving and negatively driven Power game.

Afghanistan quagmire is another important factor in which Pakistan, China, and Russia share a common goal of “enduring peace “.Peace in Afghanistan means peace in the region. Long-lasting peace is quite mandatory for further regional connectivity and growing romanticism between Pakistan China and Russia. Pakistan and Russia experienced a bleak past of terrorism and extremism. The Beslan school deadliest siege and the 2014 Peshawar army public school massacre has equal similarities in terms of barbarism and human loss. Russia does not want to give free birth to such hawkish militant organizations in Afghanistan. China faces the same issue in their western Xinxiang region. Emerging Triple axis including China, Russia, and Pakistan will put invincible ramifications for the adversary state in the world.

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