The current dengue wave in Pakistan


The most recent wave of dengue cases in Pakistan is quite alarming. The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and are more affected as during the last 24 hours, 190 new patients are registered and hospitalized.  According to reports by health ministry, the number of dengue patients in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has increased distressingly as this number reached to 669. The reports indicate that a total of 483 dengue patients are in Islamabad, 186 in Rawalpindi, 17 in Attock district and 47 in Chakwal district. There is also confusion while segregating Covid 19 and dengue fever. This is because  increase in dengue cases  which can have symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus, such as fever, headaches and body aches  is adding to the patient load of hospitals. As an alarming number of cases appeared across Punjab, a dengue emergency has been stated in the whole province, including in Rawalpindi. Therefore, orders have been issued to add 100 extra beds to each hospital in Rawalpindi to facilitate the patients. Along with this the number of beds in private hospitals has also been increased by a total of 1,000 beds. With the influx of record dengue cases in Rawalpindi city and cantonment hospitals, a new micro-anti-dengue plan has been developed to handle the situation.

The number of dengue patients admitted to private hospitals and clinics had also crossed the threshold of 550. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also recorded 178 new cases of dengue fever during the last 24 hours. There is need to develop a strategy to curb dengue in order to lessen the burden on the public sector hospitals. This strategy can include the measures to further prevent the spread of dengue.

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