The Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) organizes panel discussion titled “Emerging Technologies: Blockchain, NFTS, and the Metaverse”


Islamabad: The Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR), Islamabad organized a webinar titled “Emerging Technologies: Blockchain, NFTS, and the Metaverse.” The panelist of the webinar included professional experts and guest speaker, Pierre Cornet.

President COPAIR- Ms. Amna Munawwar Awan expressed her delight in such an event being held on a subject as topical and critical. She wished for everyone to learn more about such emerging trends and wished that Pakistan as a country would one day be a leading part of the global market by adopting the latest technologies.

Tech Enthusiast and International Traveler- Pierre Cornet currently working on marketing for a company that helps blockchain startups. His keynote address provided many industry insights and explained the basic structure of blockchains. He explained that while the new phenomena could be a risky endeavor for anyone stepping into it without much research, its base essence was formalized to formulate the enigma that is the internet. Explaining how “smart contracts” were immutable hence unchangeable and the base of any blockchain. Their main utility was to remove the middleman when it came to online transactions. He also talked about how it would be the future of banking and had utility in insurance among other things. While believing that blockchain was still far from perfect did mention that Pakistani developers were not only more cost-efficient than the rest of the World but also better.

Chief Marketing Officer, Matrix Global- Hibba Imran delved into the World of NFT’s and how the basis of any Non-Fungible Token was blockchain. Their primary purpose was to allow the sale of digital assets. She explained how people were turning memes into profit by selling them as NFT’s. NFT’s are essentially unique, scarce, and indivisible which gives them their worth and their buyer a distinct sense of ownership. To start selling NFT’s one must first get a digital wallet through Binance as NFT’s can only be traded through cryptocurrency. Then create a unique NFT and upload it on a marketplace such as Opensea, Rarible, or SuperRare. Once the NFT is minted it is up for sale to anyone interested.

Chief Strategy Officer, Matrix Global- Anza Saqib Akhund explained the concept of the Metaverse. Based on web 3.0, the next step in the internet’s evolution, its main idea was decentralization. Its particular popularity among the “Gen-Z” was due to its rebellious nature. A want to shift from a unipolarity to multipolarity. Expanding upon its concept she said that it is based on mixed-reality essentially being an alternate universe we could create, to make all our dreams come true. She also felt that the reason many governments were promoting it was due to it making tracking people easier.

In the end, the worthy Chairman thanked the speakers and the participants for the illuminating discussion. She even awarded the guest speaker, Pierre Cornet a special token of appreciation from COPAIR.

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