Terror Spike


The back-to-back terror attacks on the armed forces and other civil installations across the country are quite unnerving. Terror is raising its ugly head once again. It appears that the sleeping cells of the terrorists, in conjunction with their advisers, are intended to destabilize society. What makes it even more tragic is their awakening as non-state actors and terrorists are almost fired from military-led operations, and a very difficult reimbursement is paid.  The Miranshah attack, which resulted in the martyrdom of three soldiers and a number of children, confirms the nefarious agenda of anti-state elements. Similar attacks in Sargodha, South Waziristan and Dewargar jurisdiction of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa apart from a female suicide bombing at Karachi University over a period of last many weeks are a grim reminder that regressive mentality is alive and has to be eliminated ruthlessly. The Pakistan Army went on the offensive after 2008 in Swat and initiated Operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan in July 2014. “Major militant attacks have been reduced from dozens every month in 2014 to no more than one or two a month this year. Due to the NAP military was conducting operation across the board and in every area affected by extremism. To bring support to the intelligence gathering National Counter Terrorism Authority ACT passed by the Parliament in 2013 its establishment and functioning became a priority to support the military in bringing down the facilitators of terrorist as well. Cleansing Pakistan of non-state actors is a must. It cannot be ignored under any political compulsion. The country is already under review by international finance monitors, and our retention on the FATF’s grey list is a malicious measure. The civil-military harmony is a blessing in disguise, and this narrative of oneness should translate into a success story against radicalism. The new episode of revulsion in Afghanistan has a lot to do with unrest in Pakistan, and this aspect should be examined minutely.

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