Tech strength & Global Peace


The end of the 20th century was the beginning of new realms of war and conflicts among nation-states, due to technological evolution and its application in military affairs, such as cyberspace, information technology, robotics, space hegemony, digital economy, and biotechnology. With the beginning of the 21st century, technology has become a driving force and a defining characteristic of the dominant power. These aforementioned technological innovations and their application in military affairs of countries like the USA, China, Russia, etc. is a perfect example of this case in point. Technologically advanced nations, possessing unconventional weaponry generally become a threat to those who don’t possess such capabilities while also providing a defensive edge to the former one; however; it stimulates the latter to compete for the former to maintain its sovereignty and status-quo in its territory. In every other generation, humans develop new technologies that alter the nature of warfare and pose fresh challenges for those seeking to reduce the frequency, destructiveness, and sheer misery of violent conflict. Thus, a notion of disequilibrium in the balance of power between actors emerges from one actors’ technological superiority. Today, a completely new array of technologies like cyber weapons, Artificial intelligence (AI), Robotics, Hypersonic missiles and planes, Autonomous Leather Weapon Systems, and space assistance for militaries are being implemented by the nation-states as their force-multipliers and it ultimately has far-ranging consequences for technologically inferior nations. As the former US Deputy Secretary of Defence, Mr. Robert Work stated that “we are in the midst of an ever-accelerating and expanding global revolution in AI and machine learning, with enormous implications for future economic and military competitiveness.” The US Department of Defence has allocated a huge sum of resources for technological innovations like AI, robotics, cyber and autonomous weapons to maintain its leading role as the dominant military power, have a competitive advantage on the battlefield, and preserve global peace through technological strength.

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