Sustainable Youth Development


In the midst of the ongoing health crisis, the question of climate change is approaching towards a topsy-turvy turn. The demands of climate activists like young Thunberg -to take any possible measure to ameliorate the globally changing climate conditions- seems legit and ongoing climate recovery due to the lockdown is a proof that Ban Ki-Moon was right when he said that climate change is a global challenge and it requires global solidarity. Up to date climate reports suggest that the air quality of cities, which were ranked highest in the worst air-quality across the globe, is improving day after day due to a drastic decrease in mobility of people and goods. In Pakistan, the air-quality of metropolitan centres like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad also improved to a significant level due to the countrywide lock-down situation. Pakistan is counted among the least contributor in the global climate change, but at the same time, it is also ranked among the most vulnerable and affected countries of the world. Even being a developing and partially industrialized country, Pakistan pledges extend its utmost contribution in reversing the phenomenon of global warming and environmental catastrophe. A renewed wave of nature happenings was observed in the nationwide lockdown situation, such as ozone recovery, birds and animals roaming around in the cities freely and a drastic change in the overall air and water quality which leads to improvement in the aerial and marine life. Similarly, the industrial and agricultural sector of the country is at a halt and most-needed services are being provided only in the time of this crisis leading to a decline in the use of automobiles at large. Thus, the current quarantine period is a treat for nature. Global multilateral forums like UNFCCC annually furnish reports to assess the situation globally and then formulate strategies to limit the carbon emissions and promote the environment-friendly energy solutions but to put their achievement in words, one cannot say much. What a global pandemic achieved in fifty days, the global community collectively was not able to deliver in fifty years. It is a tacit understanding among all that the silver lining to this health crisis is the improvement in the climate condition and a concealed take-home lesson from nature.

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