Sustainable development goals and Covid 19


The danger of Coronavirus has emerged as a great risk to humanity.  The pandemic has affected many parts of the world. The implications of this pandemic are enormous but the economic implication is the one which is more obvious around the world. The most significant thing currently is to avert the spread of the virus and for this purpose governments around the globe are taking all promising measures which include lockdown and social distancing. Sustainable development goals if accomplished can definitely reduce the pain and suffering for the mankind. They are actually the set of goals to achieve economic, social and environmental integration. In this difficult time, world need to turn this emergency situation into a force to attain sustainable development goals. We need to have a look of the goals which can play their role to deal with coronavirus. Goal 3 of sustainable development is Good Health and Well-Being and in current scenario it is essential to work on this particular goal. Its attainment is actually a win against Covid 19.

The current pandemic really calls for a revamping of policies to meet timeline for sustainable development. At the moment economies around the globe need support with the closure of borders and emergency situation inside the countries. It has created doubt among nations. Of course, there was a global trend among major economies getting into a shell with multilateralism failing largely across the globe. The pandemic has further provoked the situation. The whole situation makes it more important to realize that SDGs should be given more chance in the light of global partnerships. There are certainly lots of questions. There is one apprehension that whether this crisis will excite the transformation of the current development model in the course indicated by the 2030 Agenda, or whether there will be urgency to face the financial damage which this crisis will produce and it further will conquer other needs.  For instance its emphasis will be on creating jobs in long term scenario than favoring while neglecting the environmental aspects or other potential inequalities. The real thing is that the composite indexes for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are instantly concerned. Emerging infectious diseases such as Ebola, influenza, SARS, MERS, and, most recently, coronavirus is causing large scale mortality and morbidity along with disruption of trade and travel networks, and stimulation of civil unrest. When local emergence leads to regional outbreaks or global pandemics, the economic impacts can be distressing. Once we have a look on the past situations, The SARS outbreak in 2003, the H1N1 pandemic in 2009, and the West African Ebola outbreak in 2013–2016 every one of them has caused more than 10 billion US Dollars once it comes to economic indemnities. The current outbreak of a novel coronavirus, directly related to SARS, is once again keeping the world on its toes. Equally the disease and the terror of disease have had substantial economic and social impacts, with restrictions on international travel imposed by several countries, the quarantining of tens of millions of people, dramatic drops in tourism, and interruption of supply chains for food, medicines, and manufactured products. It is estimated that financial impact will be more than 150 billion US dollars. Disease emergence associates with human population compactness and wildlife multiplicity, and is driven by anthropogenic changes such as deforestation and development of agricultural land, increase in livestock production, and increased hunting and trading of wildlife. The most important aspect is the health emergency situation. Goal 3 of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aims to guarantee healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. Dropping risk of global infectious disease is also part of this Goal alongside intensification of prevention strategies to recognize early warning signals. Goal 2 plans to augment agricultural productivity for enhancing global food security. This can lead to the development and amplification of cropping and livestock production systems.  Goal 15 aims to preserve the world’s terrestrial ecosystems.

It is unquestionable that the long-lasting impact which Covid-19 will have across the world is a reality.  It is consequently very important for all global players to stay focused once it comes to attain the SDGs. It is essential to overcome our environmental challenges as well as investing in our education in order to address our overall global needs. Our focus should be on sustainability and the need to use resources without compromising the aptitude of the planet to maintain future generations and perhaps to engrave lessons from adversity to guarantee that somehow we are prepared to move forward.  Our priority should be to give confidence and facilitate the new dialogues to work together and achieve SDGs.

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