STZA aimed at giving incentives to the IT sector to bolster its growth: PM

Mach incident is part of the Indian conspiracy to instigate anarchy, sectarian strife in Pakistan



Prime Minister Imran Khan has said he will visit Quetta as soon as the Hazara community buries the victims of the gruesome Mach incident.

Speaking at a ceremony in connection with the launch of Special Technology Zones Authority in Islamabad, he said he will visit Quetta today if the slain coal miners are buried today.

The Prime Minister said the government has accepted all the demands of Hazara community and the bereaved families will be compensated and fully taken care of as they have lost their bread earners in the despicable incident.

Imran Khan said he also sent his cabinet members to Hazara community to deliver a message that the government fully stands behind them.

Imran Khan said the Mach incident is part of the Indian conspiracy to instigate anarchy and sectarian strife in Pakistan. He said the Indian plot was to murder the religious scholars of different schools of thought. He commended the intelligence agencies for foiling four major terrorist activities including one in outside Islamabad. He said we have put out the fire which the enemy was conspiring to stoke through sectarianism.

Turning to the launch of Special Technology Zones Authority, the Prime Minister said the step is aimed at giving incentives to the IT sector to bolster its growth. This, he said, will provide immense job opportunities to the youth and boost our IT related exports.

The Prime Minister said our expatriate Pakistanis including those in the United States can benefit from the incentives being offered to the IT companies. He expressed the confidence that the establishment of technology zones in the country will also help attract foreign investment.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed to ensure sufficient availability of essential items on affordable rates and take indiscriminate action against elements involved in profiteering and hoarding.

He was chairing a review meeting in Islamabad today (Friday) regarding sugar prices and availability of the sweetener in the country.

The meeting was informed that action has been started against people involved in weighing less than the actual weight of the sugarcane and undue profiteering. In this connection, 79 people have been arrested, while 190 cases have been registered.

The meeting was apprised that a virtual sitting of Commissioners of all divisions and Deputy Commissioners of all the districts is organized on daily basis to monitor sugar prices and availability of the commodity in sufficient quantity.

Chief Secretary Punjab briefed the meeting via video link about sugarcane crop, crushing season and available stock of sugar in the province.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the government consistently remained focused on provision of relief to the poor and labour class during the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

He was chairing a briefing in Islamabad today (Friday) on decision making process and social and economic impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister said the pandemic adversely hit the global economy, but with the blessing of Almighty Allah and timely measures of the government, Pakistan successfully tackled this difficult situation and the entire world is acknowledging this.

The Prime Minister was given a detailed briefing on findings of a survey conducted to evaluate social and economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It was told that the data regarding employment, income, remittances, food, health and measures to face challenges of the Covid-19 has been collected in the survey.

It was said that in the beginning, more families were affected by the pandemic, but this ratio declined in July last year due to timely measures and smart lockdown policy of the government.

Member Pakistan Bureau of Statistics informed that the Bureau has evolved a digital system for timely decision-making and provision of real time data to price control committees, federal and provincial governments and district administrations regarding prices of essential items in the country.

Appreciating the system, evolved under Prime Minister’s vision of Digital Pakistan, Imran Khan said the new system will help monitor prices of essential items and gauge performance of the district administration.

He said the system will also ensure transparency in the decision making process


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