Strengthening youth’s intellectual power vital to judge fake news: President

President Dr. Arif Alvi launched Asaan Karobar Program in Islamabad on Friday aimed at improving Pakistan's business environment particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises


ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi Friday said that amidst the onslaught of social media affecting the thinking of everyone globally, it was essential to strengthen the intellectual power of the youth to enable them to judge the fake news.

The president, addressing a seminar on “Digital Transformation: Political economy of Media” held by Rifah Institute of Media Sciences, also called for constituting committees at schools to ensure enhanced discussions on the subject.

Quoting an American journal’s report, the president said the 14 years old youngsters were more susceptible to getting influenced by the fake news.

Therefore, he said it was essential to launch countering efforts even before the kids reach the age of 14.

Lauding the idea of the seminar, the president said the similar exercises needed to be done at the larger scale to achieve a progressive Pakistan.

He said as blocking the objectionable content could not be a solution, therefore the government and the educational institutions should enable the people to differentiate between right and wrong.

He said for sake of clients, the media companies flooded the users with the desired content on the basis of web analytics, exposing everyone particularly teenagers to the risks of undesirable content.

He said every conservative society desired to control the social media content to prevent its impact on society, however, it was not a solution to the problem. This technique is being used by all social media giants making the users dependent on it, he added.

He said owing to commercial reasons, the media could also not solely focus moral building of the society.

He said the Holy Quran had also advised the followers to judge the news before believing it, and exemplified the destruction of Iraq just on the basis of fake news of the existence of the weapons of mass destruction there.

President Alvi said the problem was getting complicated with the passage of time as the world was not getting deliverance from the wars. This necessitated moral training as well as enhanced discussions keeping in view the needs of the society.

He told the gathering that as the haptic and holographic technologies were getting sophisticated day by day, things would go out of human control within the next 10 to 15 years. President Dr. Arif Alvi launched Asaan Karobar Program in Islamabad on Friday aimed at improving Pakistan’s business environment particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Addressing the launching ceremony, the President said Pakistan has taken numerous steps for ease of doing business to promote investment in the country.

He urged the Board of Investment to make Asaan Karobar Program interactive to receive complaints from the business community.

He said red-tapism, a specific mindset, incompetence and corruption are some of the main causes which hinder ease of doing business and as a result cost of doing business is increased.

Dr Arif Alvi called for improving efficiency and utilization of ombudsman for early resolution of problems.

Earlier speaking on the occasion, Adviser on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood said ease of doing business and reducing cost of business are the key to industrialization and economic uplift of the country.

The Adviser said due to prudent policies of the government Pakistan’s ranking in the ease of doing business stands improved.

In his remarks, Country Director World Bank Najy Benhassine lauded Pakistan’s efforts for introducing reforms to promote business in the country.

Terming Pakistan’s achievements remarkable, he said Asaan Karobar Program will help to simplify regulations.

He assured that World Bank will continue to support Pakistan to implement reforms initiatives.

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