Stewart dismisses Catwoman suggestions



Kristen Stewart thinks it would have been “silly” for her to play Catwoman opposite Robert Pattinson as Batman. The 29-year-old actress’ fans had campaigned for her to land the role after her former boyfriend and ‘Twilight Saga’ co-star was announced as the latest actor to portray the Caped Crusader and though the ‘Underwater’ star admitted she’d have had a “blast” as the character, she’s pleased the part went to Zoe Kravitz. She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “That would be silly. No not at all. “I mean, obviously that would [have been cool]. I’ve been watching ‘Batman’ since I was a little kid, every iteration of that series. “That would’ve been a blast, but also I am, like, really good friends with Zoe.” Kristen is “so proud” that Robert has landed the role and can’t wait to see ‘The Batman’ when it’s released. She added: “And obviously, I am so proud of Rob doing this whole [project].

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