Start of a New Era in Pakistani Cricket.


May it be a five-year-old kid or an eighty years old adult, the love for cricket is immense in the heart of every Pakistani. We follow cricket more religiously than any other sport. Unfortunately, within the past years, we have been through a very bumpy ride of success and failures, especially in cricket. Many got bored watching the instability of our team chiefly in the crucial times and started to quit their interest in particularly international cricket and switched to watch league matches only. But along with PTI’s governance came a wild spark of hope for the upswing in sports and the cricketing graph. Imran Khan is a great captain of his time was considered bringing about substantial alterations in Pakistani cricket and making the team a shadow of the team of his times. But unfortunately, he picked Ehsan Mani as the chairman of PCB leaving a huge mass downhearted. But knowing Ehsan Mani’s past association with PCB, somehow, it was still expected that a new glimpse of excellence would be seen in the vapid Pakistani cricket. But, as to our surprise, not much progress was seen at the end of his tenure. Despite his efforts in bringing international cricket and foreign players to Pakistan we still stand on the equivalent ground. Not much has changed yet. We still lack in multiple domains. PCB remains incompetent having feuds with players which leads to a big compromise in making an efficient team which ultimately ruins the game. Our team has been inconsistent throughout the years. We still have senior players showing nothing much but also not clearing paths for the younger lot. We still lack in facilitating our young talents. The majority of the seniors, may it be players or managing staff members, are just enjoying the perks. Their pockets are becoming deeper and deeper and no advancements can be seen. International players are coming to play but mostly the ones who are retired. Our stadiums lack multiple facilities. The lower staff has considerably low incomes making it hard for them to cope with their expenses. Ehsan Mani was just able to build walls around the land left by Najam Sethi. But the real distinction lies in constructing a strong structure that can withstand every harsh weather. He was just able to maintain the stats which could have been done by any other sitting on his seat. Our team needs a vigorous jerk to terrify the world with their presence. Changes have to be made from the grassroots level. As for now PCB has started with a new spell by not extending Ehsan Mani’s stay and electing a new chairman. Ramiz Raja has successfully taken the seat on the orders of PM Imran Khan. We all are conscious of his contributions as a former player and an eminent commentator. He has luckily been a part of the World Cup-winning squad under the captaincy of Imran Khan who now is our Prime Minister. Therefore, I think that it is somehow the same scenario. He once again is a part of PM’s squad and will have to show himself to the best to retain his title. Tons of expectations have arisen from him already. He is said to bring aggressive changes. Time will unveil his agenda but meanwhile, he has brought in some changes in the selection of players. Many have been dropped off from the list who were sure to play, leaving the rest flabbergasted as they can be the next. He has ordered to increase the monthly retainers by one lakh for all domestic players. He also claims to strengthen the system from the roots. But a few things went off the path. New Zealand came to Pakistan to play and then suddenly flew back claiming that they had security issues whereas they got threatened by India. As the team said they had no problems as the security was excellent, and they were ordered by their management to leave. Soon after that England canceled its matches in Pakistan over security concerns. All of this caused a great loss of money and joy. It was also very shameful that they backed off showing a lack of sportsmanship. But it’s never the end. We will rise back with a blow like never before and the other countries would willingly come to play here soon. But until then a lot has to be done. From the team to the management, everyone has to take responsibility. The team has to inculcate the sense of spirit and devotion among them while staying united till the end. They need to outshine in every field they step in. We might not need a plodding century but an expeditious 30 and a few mighty partnerships might get us through the lost woods. Though Ramiz Raja was not a very great player, he still was a member of a team that made others tremble. They were known to be game smashers, and it was expected from them that they cannot lose aimlessly and effortlessly. Ramiz Raja has got a great responsibility on his shoulders as he will have to create a reflection of the 1992 World Cup-winning team. He will have to tick all the boxes leaving the rest in awe. And World Cup 2021 is just around the corner with trillions of awaiting eyes. It is now time for colossal miracles and not even a minuscule room for error.

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