Spouses of Diplomatic Missions’ Heads Donate Books


Within the Framework of outreach activities of the Heads of Diplomatic Missions’ Spouses Group, a number of spouses of Ambassadors and High Commissioners donated 140 books from their private collections and from the collections of their Embassies to the National Library of Pakistan. The Group and its President, Ghada Ahmed, Spouse of the Ambassador of Egypt attempts, through this donation, to reach out to the Pakistani community by introducing their different cultures through their books. The 140 books come from 10 countries and cover a wide range of subjects including, literature, religion, architecture, politics, travel, and art. The donation comes in 3 languages; Urdu, English, and Arabic to cater for the needs of the readership of the National Library of Pakistan. The National Library of Pakistan was particularly chosen due to its wide readership as it receives 600 visitors a day. It is also the largest in Pakistan and loans its books to other libraries which means more outreach for us. The Heads of Diplomatic Missions Spouses Group hopes that in the future, more similar initiatives will take place and more diplomatic missions would make larger donations to the National Library and to many other libraries in Pakistan.

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