Social Justice Day & Kashmir


Social Justice Day is observed on February 20 every year across the world to create awareness for social equality and cohesion among the masses. The main aim of celebrating World Day of Social Justice is to raise a voice against social injustice and to bring the various communities internationally together to eliminate poverty, gender, and physical discrimination, illiteracy, religious discrimination to make a socially integrated society. Nevertheless, all those efforts are barely confined to the symbolic norms for instance the Kashmiris are under brute suppression of India for decades and aspires to seek justice but the international community has been unable to address their grave concerns vis-à-vis humanitarian rights provision. The draconian law malpractices have posed an unprecedented challenge to the millions of innocent Kashmiris and their rights are subjugated by the deceitful regime of Delhi. The escalated violence has deteriorated the plausible prospect of peace and security. The Modi-led fascist regime has vehemently wreaked havoc that has shattered all the prospects of social justice mentioned in the core principles of the social justice day. Thousands of people are slain and maimed by the Indian occupational forces in the valley. People are kidnapped, torched, and enforcedly disappeared by the Indian armed forces. The yearly long curfew has subjugated the masses from their basic human rights. The biggest dilemma is the silence of the global stakeholders. The international community is only vocal about the issues and crisis witnessed by the westerns actors predominately, however it has never shown the real concerns towards the flagrant violations of human rights of Kashmir. Social justice day can never be justified until and unless it tends to ensure the rights of the Kashmiris that has been demanding their legitimate rights and the global world must listen otherwise such days merely attributed to the prejudice, irrespective of the conscience and reality.

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