Sino-Pak Relations: 70 Years of unwavering cooperation


The bilateral relations between China and Pakistan are considered unique in nature and in recent times have observed cementing steps taken by both sides. The immediate neighbors maintained and deepened the strategic depth of the relations by using available prisms. Over the years, thousands of Pakistani and Chinese have given their sweat and blood to strengthen the brotherly relations between them. The Karakoram Highway, scores of natural disasters on both sides, conflicts, and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), both countries have gone to every extent possible to prove the friendship.


The year 2021 marks the completion of 70 good years of unwavering cooperation from both sides. The bilateral relations, which started with mere diplomacy in May 1951, saw a constant glide. Today, Pakistan and China are the strongest strategic partners in the region. What started between Karachi and Beijing 70 years ago, has only strengthened over the years between Islamabad and Beijing.


In recent times, both nations have seen rapid growth in bilateral relations owing to mutual economic opportunities. China, with a surprising boom in economic growth, has turned itself into the leading exporter of the world. Importantly, China is often termed as the de facto super economic power of the world. In the wake of this sudden shift in the balance of power, China is focused on revolutionising its connectivity with the rest of the world. CPEC is to play a key role in the economic endeavors of both China and Pakistan.


Importantly, the bilateral defence and strategic cooperation has achieved the new vertical heights in shape of JF17. China, in recent times, has continuously emphasised on the strategic importance of Pakistan for it. Interestingly, where the opportunities are being benefited as mutual, the threats are jointly addressed too. Indeed, the bilateral relations between China and Pakistan can truly be phrased as “all-weather friendship” that is “higher than Himalayas” and “deeper than the oceans.”


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