Sino-Pak Bonhomie


“For us in Pakistan, relations with China are the cornerstone of our foreign policy enjoying support across the political spectrum.” Pakistan’s Prime Minister recently mentioned in his article published in Global Times. This statement further validated as Pak-China cordial ties to take further stride;  PM  Imran Khan and his high-level delegation on a visit to Beijing, capital of China, for a four-day visit including attending the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.  PM Imran Khan’s t visit to Beijing holds immense significance as it aims to further uplift bilateral relations between China and Pakistan. For reasons, the anti-china lobbies are trying to make trouble for China to host the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, PM Imran Khan resolutely decided to attend the opening ceremony which indicates Pakistan’s staunch stance vis-à-vis China. Indeed, this is firm support for China and shows that no matter how the international situation changes, China and Pakistan always firmly stand together and support each other as reliable good friends, especially in difficult times. Furthermore, as the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has now entered Phase II and a new era, the top leaders of the two countries need to unify their will and explore the specific path of further in-depth and comprehensive cooperation. In the new era, China and Pakistan are expanding all-around cooperation in all fields, including agriculture, tourism, snow and ice economy, green and low carbon development, information technology, aerospace technology, and the construction of special economic zones. The cooperation between the two sides has great potential and bright prospects. Currently, China and Pakistan are cooperating in the construction of special economic zones, special technological zones, industrial parks, and agricultural demonstration zones. The Chinese enterprises attach great importance to cooperation with Pakistani partners to realize the localization as soon as possible and gradually help Pakistan develop its own ability of self-reliance.  During the visit, PM Imran Khan will also meet prominent Chinese business leaders and representatives of leading Chinese think-tanks, academia, and the media which will encourage all sectors of Chinese society, especially Chinese enterprises, to more actively participate in the bilateral cooperation in all fields and significantly increase their investment in Pakistan. Pakistan is transforming itself from geo-politics to geo-economics and increasing integration with major economies in the world, which is making Pakistan an emerging economy. In retrospect, Last year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Pakistan. The two sides held more than 140 activities in celebration and commemoration of this important occasion, which all attached high popularity. Be it the exchange of congratulatory messages between the two countries’ leaders, high-profile receptions or activities such as the signing of friendship deals between provinces and cities, a youth video contest, and exchanges covering a wide range of areas including the political, diplomatic, economic, sub-national, education, scientific, cultural and health sectors. The celebrations held virtually or in-person, deepened political mutual trust, strengthened the two peoples’ friendship, and promoted practical cooperation in various sectors despite COVID-19 restrictions. During the past 7 decades since the establishment of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties, no matter how the international situation may change, the two sides have always stood side by side in weal and woe. China and Pakistan have worked together to tackle risks and challenges such as COVID-19, consolidating strategic mutual trust and deepening strategic cooperation. History has fully proved that the two countries are the most reliable iron-clad brothers for each other. e. It is practical proof of the same friendship and full confidence that will strengthen Pakistan’s economic, communications, defense, energy, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors. China has always spoken of Kashmiris’ right to self-determination with courage and boldness and the Kashmiri people consider Beijing as their shelter for resolving the Kashmir issue. Both Pakistan and China have the same opinions on regional and global issues. Pakistan also became a permanent member of the SCO because of China’s support.

To conclude, Pakistan, China relations to further prosper as both states eagerly work to build a strong bond based on mutual interests, cooperation. CPEC is the driving force leading this synergy to unparalleled heights. Indeed, both countries cherish a unique bond of alliance that definitely going to flourish in foreseeable future.

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