Sienna Miller would support daughter’s acting bid


Sienna Miller would “never dissuade” her daughter from becoming an actress.

The ‘American Sniper’ star – who has eight-year-old daughter Marlowe with her former partner Tom Sturridge – has felt “belittled and insignificant” as an actress but she would never stop her daughter from following in her footsteps.

She said: “I mean, I never had horrifying experiences being an actor. I felt belittled. I felt insignificant. I got shouted out by Weinstein but never molested. So my experience was never that predatory. It was unpleasant because women … I was seen as something that lacked the substance I felt I had as a person. But no. I love being an actor. It is a great job and my daughter is artistic. I would never dissuade her [and] predatory behavior is in any workplace or bar. It’s something women have to navigate that men probably underestimate.

“And have to deal with their entire lives. I’m glad she’s growing up in a world where that behavior is not tolerated in the way it was when I was young.”

Meanwhile, Sienna also praised the late Chadwick Boseman, who took a pay cut on their movie ’21 Bridges’ so they could be paid the same amount of money.

Speaking to The Sunday Times’ Culture magazine, she added: “For many years, I underestimated myself to such a degree I would’ve accepted anything. But Chadwick Boseman’s gesture and the way women in my industry are talking about pay are empowering. I’d feel embarrassed now to not fight for myself. But it can take me being put into that corner to do something.”

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